【Y-007】Takauji Ashikaga ※The displayed price will be a deposit!
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【Y-007】Takauji Ashikaga ※The displayed price will be a deposit!

1,155,000 JPY

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Pricing with overseas shipping 🌑 be careful! ※ The price of this product will be2,717,000yen (tax included). Because it is a high-priced product of more than 2 million, it will be purchased only by hand from the cart. The person in charge will contact you regarding the payment of the remaining amount and the delivery date. ※It takes two to three months to make. 🌑name Takauji Ashikaga 🌑specifications hachi  kuronuri sanjyuniken sihojiro koboshi kabuto tatemono  kuwagata     shikoro kuronuri honkozane tunatoriodoshi godan kasa dou kuronuri honkozane tumatoriodoshi oyoroi     sode   kuronuri honkozane tumatoriodoshi rokudan                      osode   kusazuri kuronuri honkozane tumatoriodoshi yonken godan kote   ichininoude zabantsuki yositsune kote sune   sanmai tsutsusune haidate kuronuri honkozane tumatoriodoshi rokudan ※There may be differences in the color of natural products. 🌑 size at the time of decoration Height 165cm Width 90cm Depth 80cm ※ It varies depending on how to decorate. 🌑 size of the box when storing the box Height about 57cm Width about 69cm Depth about 54cm 🌑material   Iron, brass, cotton, silk, gold foil, leather, yak hair, wood 🌑accessory kabuto/men/dou/kote/sune/haidate/stand/box/belt/Maintenance and specification instructions