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【O-036】Kuroitoodoshi tatehagi nimaidogusoku (aging finish)

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※It takes two to three months to make. 🌑name Kuroitoodoshi tatehagi nimaidogusoku (aging finish) 🌑specifications hachi  kuronuri zyuhachiken suzikabuto tatemono material brass waxing moon maetate shikoro kuronuri itazanekuroitoodoshi godan hinenoshikoro         do kuronuri tatehagi okegawanimaidogusoku kuronurikomifukurintuki gyoyotuki     sode kuronuri itazane kuroitoodoshi marusode rokudan kanmuriita Including bottom row nokonito    kusazuri kuronuri itazane kuroitoodoshi godan nanaken bottom row nokonito        kote   kuronuri sanmaitutukote sune    kuronuri sanmaitutusune haidate kuronuri kuroitoodoshi itahaidate ※There may be differences in the color of natural products. 🌑 size at the time of decoration Height 160cm Width 70cm Depth 55cm ※ It varies depending on how to decorate. 🌑 size of the box when storing the box Height about 55cm Width about 45cm Depth about 42cm 🌑material   Iron, brass, cotton,wood 🌑accessory kabuto/men/do/kote/sune/haidate/stand/box/belt/Maintenance and specification instructions

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