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【O-054】Konakaitoodoshimunadorikurookegawanimaidogusoku.zunarikabuto(Aging process)

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🌑name Konakaitoodoshimunadorikurookegawanimaidogusoku.zunarikabuto(Aging process) 🌑specifications hachi  kurotejidainurizunarikabuto     tatemono mikazuki Aging process. Material brass shikoro kurotejidainuriitazanenoukonakaitosugakeodoshi yondanhineno do kurotejidainurimunadoriokegawanimaido     sode kurotejidainuriitazanenoukonakaitoitosugakeodoshi marusoderokudan kusazuri kurotejidainuriitazanenoukonitosugakeodoshigodanrokuken kote   kurotejidainuriyonhonshinokote top ikada sune    kurotejidainurinanahonshinosune haidate kurotejidainuriitahaidate ※There may be differences in the color of natural products. 🌑 size at the time of decoration Height 160cm Width 60cm depth 55cm ※ It varies depending on how to decorate. 🌑 size of the box when storing the box Height about 55cm Width about 45cm Depth about 42cm 🌑material   Iron, brass, cotton,wood 🌑accessory kabuto/men/do/kote/sune/haidate/stand/box/belt/Maintenance and specification instructions

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