【O-072】 Akatatamiyoroi(No sunshade)
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【O-072】 Akatatamiyoroi(No sunshade)

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※It takes two to three months to make. 🌑name Akatatamiyoroi(No sunshade) 🌑 Wearing size Height 155cm-185cm Up to waist 110cm 🌑specifications kabutobachi  sankakujingasa do karutanimaidou kusazuri akanurikarutarokuken kote   akanurisannbonshinokote sune    akanurisanbonshinosune 🌑material   Iron, cotton, 🌑accessory jingasa/do/kote/sune/sarashi * The sword, spear, costume, straw shoes, and mannequin in the 9th image are not included.