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【O-074】Nokon itoodoshi unryu nimaidogusoku

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※It takes two to three months to make. 🌑name Nokon itoodoshi unryu nimaidogusoku 🌑specifications hachi  kuronurijyunikensujikabuto     tatemono Material wood kinnurimikazuki shikoro kuronuriitazanenokonsugakeodoshiyondanhineno do kuronuriokegawanimaido     sode kuronuriitazanenoukonnitosugakeodoshi marusoderokudan kusazuri kuronuriitazanenokonitosugakeodoshigodanrokuken kote   kuronuriyonhonshinokote top ikada sune    kuronurinanahonshinosune haidate kuronuriitahaidate ※There may be differences in the color of natural products. 🌑 size at the time of decoration Height 160cm Width 60cm depth 60cm ※ It varies depending on how to decorate. 🌑 size of the box when storing the box Height about 55cm Width about 55cm Depth about 42cm 🌑material   Iron, brass, cotton,wood 🌑accessory kabuto/men/do/kote/sune/haidate/stand/box/belt/Maintenance and specification instructions ● Optional The character of 『前』 of the armor chest can be changed. (Free replacement) * If the above family crest data is not available, a data production fee of ¥ 5,500 will be added. * Please let us know your family crest in advance in case of the above additions and changes. We will create a customer-specific page.

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