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【O-075】Nokonitoodoshikurookegawanimaido Period festival set!

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🌑name Nokonitoodoshikurookegawanimaido 🌑specifications hachi  kuronurijyuunikensujikabuto tatemono mikazuki Aging process. Material brass     shikoro kuronuriitazane nokonitosugakeodoshiyonndan hinenoshikoro do kuronuriokegawanimaido     sode kuronuriitazanenokonitosugakeodoshi marusoderokudan   kusazuri kuronuri itazanenokonnitosugakeodoshi godannrokken kote akanurisannbonshinokote sune    kuronurisannbonshinosune 🌑material   Iron, brass, cotton, 🌑Wearing size   Height 155 cm to 185 cm Waist 90 cm Model height 183 cm 🌑accessory kabuto/do/kote/sune/longsword(wood)/shirokosode/ tattukebakama(RED) /tabi/sarashi/waraji color varies depending on the image. ※The color of the kosode and hakama can be changed, please contact us . kosode(Navy blue, black, brown, gray, blue, beige) hakama (Navy blue, black, brown) longsword(wood/saya)The texture is the 14th and 15th images. 🌑mandate Detachable 🌑mannequin Not included 🌑How to wear you can see it from YouTube on the homepage. 『 yoroinokitukekata/ kazaritukekata』 🌑option Helmet can be changed. Only item number ON(O-053) can be changed. (Plus ¥ 10,000, Kakumoto, with crescent moon front) ① You can put the family crest on the body of the armor with gold powder (limited to 20 cm in diameter). (Plus ¥ 5,500) * Depending on the type of family crest, it may not be finished cleanly. (2) You can change the character of "front" of the armor chest (sold separately). (Free replacement) * If there is no family crest data for both ① and ② above, a data production fee of ¥ 5,500 will be added. * Please let us know your family crest in advance in case of the above additions and changes. We will create a customer-specific page.

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